I like vintage watches. A lot. I spend my free time engrossed in watch books and in online watch forums, in watchmaking classes, talking watches, and clicking on endless links as I search for just the right one(s) to buy.

One result of all these well-spent (as I tell my wife) hours is this website, which I created as a place to save useful (at least I think) vintage watch information. Then I polished the site up a bit to make it presentable. I’ll keep adding information on books and tools, as well as resources for buying, servicing, and an auctions/events calendar.

I also provide primary research on selected watches of interest. As with the rest of the site, this information is subject to Alpha Hands LLC Terms and Conditions for Website Use.

Separately, I’m trying to figure out a better way to search for vintage watches. Until then, I’ll continue to follow sellers on Instagram, subscribe to dealer and auction house email lists, deal with crappy non-mobile-friendly websites and apps, visit a enormous quantity of small and large watch websites, attempt in vain to keep up with watch forums, contact sellers only to learn find that their websites out of date and the watch is already sold, and set alerts on a variety of marketplaces.

An important note:
I’m not a vintage watch expert, and can’t help with identifying/validating/repairing/consulting/estimating value, or really…anything. What I hope to provide is useful information based on my research, as well as what I’ve learned from others in the watch community. By all means…shoot me an email with additional resources to share, suggestions and feedback!

We will respond most quickly via our Facebook page, but you can also contact us using the below form.