Alpha Hands stolen watch registry

-> If you would like to submit your watch to the registry, please complete the Alpha Hands stolen watch registry submission form.

I don’t think much of the stolen watch registries that require you to pay to access the database (or even submit to it!). Who knows if they even have any pieces of your manufacturer and reference (maybe they are searching for your Lemania across their database of 2 Lemanias)? Why even submit to those databases if people don’t use them? And if you are the one with the loss, don’t forget if your is recovered through the database company (not necessarily a bad thing), there are fees to pay. And there can even be fees just to submit to the registry.

So with that, I’ll aggregate watches I find publicized as stolen. If you would like to have a watch added to this database, please contact me with details, including manufacturer, reference, images, any comments to help identify. Best if you can also send a police report, if you have one (will be noted in the database).

I will only be adding watches for which there is either a known serial/case/movement number or some clear identifying mark(s). To simply have a lost Rolex Daytona with no other information won’t be of help. Repeat after me: “nobody will be able to help me find my watch if I don’t have a record of the serial/case/movement number at a minimum,” so make sure to keep a record!

In addition to searching the below, always make sure to do a broader search (aka Google) for the serial number of the watch you are purchasing (or even a fraction of the serial number) to see if you can find information in addition to this database. Make sure your pieces are insured appropriately, and get a good home safe!

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