Universal Geneve 885103/02 “Nina Rindt” Introduction

The Universal Geneve 885103/02 was produced from ~1964 until 1967 (I believe…I have to caveat all my research!). Otherwise known as the “Nina Rindt”, the 885103/02 is powered by the Valjoux 72, features a white dial with black registers. Depending on date of production, there are differences in hand colors and sizes, different logos on the dial (applied or printed), and multiple different logos on the crown.

As an aside, I am not a fan of watches with nicknames, but as long as they are given names, I’m glad someone at least selected a model to name it after (as near as I can tell, around 2005). And given that, it would be wrong not to revisit some of the pics of Nina with her UG to kick thing off:

Nina and her Universal Geneve 885103/02
Nina Rindt wearing her Universal Geneve 885103/02, one of the two watches she commonly wore in the 1960s.

This section will not touch upon the 885103/01, which is known as the, sigh, “Evil Nina”, and features a black dial with white registers, among other differentiating features.