Bergeon 6111 Watch Spring Bar Tool



The Bergeon 6111 is the only spring bar tool most of us will ever need. At one end Bergeon 6111 has a larger sized forked tip (3mm), useful for extra leverage for spring bars and some rubber divers’ bands, and compressing straps. On the other end of the 6111 is a reversible tip consists of a finer forked tip (1.2mm) to access tighter areas on metal bands, and a straight pin pusher on the other (this end is too fine for us to use on leather straps). Each end has a collet to secure the tips, where other tools may use tips that screw directly into the tool. The tool is heavy duty metal, and has a knurled handle.

The 6111 is often found for slightly more than the total cost of the two spring bar tools that combine to offer the same functionality, the Bergeon 6767-S (“Standard” forked tip, 3mm) and 6767-F (“Fine” forked tip, only 1.2mm). Additional tips are also available for purchase.

There are other spring bars available for less, but we spent a bit more for the Bergeon. Last thing that we want to have happen is for a fork break and damage one of our watches.

One thing to keep in mind if you are purchasing this specifically as a Burgeon brand – it will come in a yellow box, and BERGEON 6111 should be stamped on the spring bar tool. If it doesn’t have these, it isn’t a BERGEON (though may be made in the same factory).

Size: 140mm in length, 7mm diameter