Split Seconds

Split Seconds

Split Seconds Serial Number Project
A project simply since I’m a fan of splits. I prefer steel pieces with standard (“Explorer”) shape lugs. As a result, I may be missing more gold and/or pieces with “cow horn” lugs. If I’ve missed any, please drop me a note.

The below listing does not include the Breitling Duograph, which is reviewed with the dedicated Breitling Duograph section.

This research is limited to vintage split-second wristwatches only.

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Split Second Case Project

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Franken Tourneau Split Seconds on HODINKEE

There is a great HODINKEE article on split-second wristwatches by PH Zhou, entitled ‘In-Depth A Detailed Survey Of The Split-Seconds Chronograph And Its Cousins’ – absolutely required reading for anyone interested in split-seconds pieces.

The article includes a reference, with image, to a ‘Venus 190 by Tourneau’ as available on eBay in 2015:

Tourneau Venus 190 (Image: eBay, user bgm197)

In conversation with the seller from Poland to learn more about this Tourneau split-second, they indicated that they “made this watch by myself.” They further note that the “Case was stainless steel…made by myself…dial was original..Venus 190.” I don’t have any reason not to believe the seller, but if anyone has additional information, please let me know. Here are some other timepieces from the same seller for reference.

I am including detail on this specific Tourneau as the HODINKEE article is widely read, and I wanted to pass along the information for other readers of the article as I believe it may be of interest.
Again, the HODINKEE article is otherwise extremely well done.