Vintage watch videos and podcasts

There is an increasing number of watch podcasts and video podcasts available and for the most part…let’s just say they aren’t my thing. They are either are rambling, claim to know the answers to everything, try to be funny and fail miserably, are more “lifestyle” oriented, talk about their weekend for the first 30 minutes of their hour podcast, are ill-informed, and/or are self aggrandizing. But I guess that is really what most podcasts are, regardless of topic, right?

Even within any single podcast I pick select specific episodes to listen to or watch, usually for a specific guest for discussion topic.
Let me know if I’m missing your favorite.

There are a few videos that I think are interesting, listening to individuals (dealers and collectors) talk about collecting. You’ll see Eric Wind appear in these frequently. Eric is a great resource, and readily shares his thoughts with the community.

Tip: listen at 1 1/2x speed!

Specific recommended episodes:

  • Blamo! episode with Eric Wind
  • time 4A pint with William from Speedmaster 101. Interesting to hear someone who has such deep knowledge float between all original and “built” pieces, and appreciate both.
  • Not vintage, but the Hodinkee episode of Jean-Claude Biver is awesome. Oh to have the passion and energy that he does. Incredible. Keep with it past the first few (crazy) minutes of the episode.

Podcasts, in order of personal preference

  • time 4A pint: a good listen for guests and their vintage timepieces, such as with Eric Wind; Chris Mann also organizes GTGs (in London, unfortunately for us).
  • Calibre Podcast, from Watches of Switzerland. This podcast has a strong lineup of guests and historical overviews of different topics (chronographs, the swiss watchmaking industry, Rolex, pilot watches, etc.


  • Unwound: 1 hour episodes hosted by two guys – a watchmaker (95% of the talking) and a collector, no guests; provides a nice education in a number of areas, and does touch on vintage; the only ding against this podcast is the heavy focus on Seiko, a byproduct of the watchmaker host having a business (Hub City Vintage) that exclusively refurbishes and sells vintage Seiko.
  • TickTocking: all about modern independents; says straight up that he “doesn’t understand” vintage. I enjoy listening to hear a perspective from someone who was formerly employed by a manufacturer which we don’t see in other podcasts (given it was MB&F, it is specific to a very particular environment, but still…), and try to overlook all of the pretentious comments.
  • Hodinkee Radio: “lifestyle” focus, which isn’t for me (nor the breakdown of an Apple watch by a non-tech blog); I listen if a guest of interest.
  • Worn & Wound: touches upon vintage more than many others, and I enjoy for the guests (more Sinn discussion than I need, though).
  • The Grey Nato: hosted by two watch journalists that have more knowledge than your average podcaster listed here; can spend half of the podcast talking about their weekend or how they packed their bags for Baselword, but I can see appealing to a certain audience. I personally prefer podcasts that spend more time on watches.
  • No BS Watchmaker: ~10-15 minutes episodes with one guy, who has recorded some walking down the street (seriously?). Unique in that from the point of view of a watchmaker (I’m going to bet that he has not been to watchmaking school). Episodes they are extremely (I mean EXTREMELY) repetitive – the first 2 minutes will cover everything. This podcast has potential if each episode was cut to 3-4 minutes and he dropped the filler words (about 120 per episode). For the most part. Or whatnot.
  • Watch and Listen: two guys, one of which is the man behind Weiss, up to 3 minutes of ads to kick off the episode (ugh); inflection of the host makes it hard for me to listen to, but some interesting guests; not funny.
  • Love ‘N Watches: ~40-60 minute episodes from a softspoken couple that would likely bring you a bundt cake to welcome you to the neighborhood (you have to listen to understand – this is a podcast I would send my mom); kind of an introduction to watches and collecting; limited vintage discussion.
  • The Trading Desk
  • Wrist Time
  • Two Broke Watch Snobs: not for me; two guys, no guests, modern focus (though one on vintage watch collecting), not funny.
  • It’s about Time with Amit Dev Handa: 10-15 minute episodes; doesn’t add information beyond what I would rather get for other sources, one person with no guests; high-level opinion on pieces and brands.
  • Spending Time with A Blog to Watch: sounds as if they have answers to all world (watch) problems, doesn’t add much insight, basically makes up on the fly (if you are going to talk about Mido, research it at least for 5 minutes before recording).

Either no longer updated or rarely with new episodes, but you can find episodes still online:

I rarely watch video podcasts, simply due to convenience. So be forewarned…the content below might stink, might not. I have no idea (feel free to drop me a note to let me know).
Most all are focused exclusively on modern timepieces.

A list of video podcasts (there is an insane number):

And of course, if you have a favorite that is missing, please let me know).