Keeping your collection safe

There are a few different options on where to keep your collection.

Watch storage options
1. Safe deposit box
If you choose to keep your watches at the bank, you won’t (really) have to worry about theft or natural disasters (of course, you may have to worry about Wells Fargo losing your goods, and you are left with no recourse). And of course, it is a PITA if you want to regularly swap watches, and you don’t get to enjoy your collection in the comfort of your own home on a moment’s notice.

In my non-scientific Instagram poll of where owners keep their watches, 50% selected safe deposit boxes.

Options if you are considering keeping them at home:

2. A safe
If you prefer easier access to your pieces, consider a home safe. These range wildly in term of construction (but I mean, who doesn’t need a BUBEN&ZORWEG X-007 EXTREME or a Man Safe?).

If you are going to make the investment, consider something substantial that can’t easily be penetrated or carried out your front door. See the section on home safe burglary and fire ratings for detailed information and a listing of safe manufacturers to consider. If you are worried about where you will fit a safe, know that there are a variety of sizes and weights from the most well-known manufacturers, such as American Security (AMSEC), as well as some manufacturers such as Prestige Safes that can make a number of models in custom sizes at no extra charge.

A nice benefit of having a (decent sized) home safe is the other items that you will find a place for inside – passports and other identification, legal documents, titles, backup hard drives, etc.

And if not a safe, at least make sure you have a decent lock on the door of your watch room.

3. Right out in the open, in a beautiful display box, perhaps.
With this selection, you can enjoy all the watches whenever you like. And your friends can do. And even your spouse, who may be long since tired about your obsession, but is kindly putting up with this hobby.

You may be able to pair this option with a safe if you have a display box (or multiple boxes) that are sized to be able to slip into the safe when you are away for longer periods of time, or when your kids are throwing a house party. Keep in mind that some manufacturers can make safes of custom sizes (and even at no extra cost).

4. Back of your sock drawer
No. Just, no. Burglars will look there, and you don’t even get to enjoy looking at your collection. Of course, the upside is that they are easily accessible. So accessible that if you forget and yank socks out of the drawer quickly, you even may have the opportunity to enjoy them as they sail past you on the way to the floor.

While 30% of respondents to my poll keep watches “hidden” in their sock drawer or the like, I don’t recommend it.

Regardless of which option you select above, depending on the value of the pieces in your collection you may want to consider insurance to cover them. Read more in our section on ‘Insuring your watch’.