Airthings Wave Radon Monitor


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So you have a nice collection of wartime watches…all original no less! Hey, that’s great. But maybe the University of Northampton radon gas exposure study is freaking you out?

If so, you may want to consider the Airthings Wave. Think of is as a slightly less connected Nest Protect that instead of smoke and CO2, reads radon gas, humidity, and temperature. You have quick access to readings via your phone, which leverages Bluetooth LE to sync data when you are within range (so not like a Nest, which uses always-on wifi).

Graphs in app are available for 2 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year at-a-glance. Notifications occur via the app or via email, as well as audio alerts from the monitor itself when readings are high.

For a quick check of levels in person, simply wave your hand (thus the product name) in front of the unit for a green, yellow, or red reading. The device also integrates with Amazon Alexa (“Alexa, should I buy more vintage watches with radium?”) and IFTTT.

Unlike the Nest, the Airthings Wave uses batteries so no wiring is required. Downside is that you have to change your 2 AA batteries approximately 1.5 years. Easy to mount with a single screw, just keep away from windows and vents for the most accurate reading. No lab tests are ever needed for the device.

All the deets:
• Radon sampling: Passive diffusion chamber
• Detection method: Alpha spectrometry
• Operational Environment: 4°C to 40°C
• Measurement range: 0 – 9999 Bq/m3
• Weight: 219g (with batteries)
• Dimension: 120 mm (diameter), 36 mm (height)

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