Bespoke Straps

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Like the name says…Bespoke Straps!

Handmade in Montreal, Canada, Bepoke Straps offers watch straps in eight different curated exotic materials: alcantara (a synthetic similar to suede with greater durability), alligator, ostrich shin and hide, toad, python, stingray, and baseball glove! Their suppliers adhere to CITES. Except the glove providers, presumably.

Each strap is custom-made for the customer, with the Bespoke Strap site offering a visual interface to select from materials, material color (up to eight options, depending on material), three stitching styles from a wide range of colors, tag end shape, and from a handful of buckle options. And straps cover the full range of lug widths.

And I have to admit, the blue toad strap does look pretty cool…but which vintage watch to pair?

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