Discommon Watch Wallet 2.0


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I admit it. I’m a complete fan of everything these guys do, and am insanely jealous of the fact they have a company where they can build whatever they want. Living the dream.

For those who don’t live the dream 9-5, but do need a way to easily store a couple of watches and documents when traveling, the Discommon Watch Wallet is the answer. Handmade in the USA, this wallet will have more character to it than those off the production line. The “wolf” grey waxed Italian leather will scuff and wear over time, just like the vintage pieces you are carrying (you don’t buy polished pieces, do you??).

It’s not the tweed interior that provides protection, rather Discommon’s collaboration with D3Oimpact protection to line the entire wallet with 3mm of foam protection that stiffens and absorbs energy upon impact. Yes, it’s time to upgrade from whatever sad attempt to protect your watches you are currently using when traveling. Plus: stylish!

Breaking down the details:
– Elastic pockets to accommodate watches of different sizes
– Strap retention inspired by vintage Ferrari tool roll
– 20+ components stamped, cut and stitched in the USA
– Passport / ticket pocket
– Spare strap pocket
– Ring / credit card / phone pocket
– Flexible strap retention for thick straps and stiff “watch strap” retention for thin

How to Buy: Check out pricing and availability at Discommon