Harald Schneider “L2” 10x Loupe


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So the price made you choke? Well, you did say you wanted the best 10x pocket loupe available, right?

The Schneider L2 loupe is it. The latest model in the Schneider family, the L2 features a new lens system for Schneider. This means less eye fatigue and their best image yet, which says quite a bit given the exceptional reputation of the company. The L2 has an extremely wide 20mm field of vision, fully corrected achromatic and aplanatic lens, distortion free triplet loupe.

Your friends will laugh, telling you about the loupe they received for free at the latest jewelry convention. And then you can laugh, when you compare the quality of the Schneider L2 to theirs.

So if you are looking for the 10x pocket loupe that is known as the best in the world, it’s the Schneider L2. If you are looking for a loupe to use exclusively at home, at this price point you’ll also want to consider The Loupe System, which, while even more than the Schneider, may provide additional benefits you will value more than pure portability. But each is the best in their respective categories.

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