Heuer Carrera Chronographs 1963 – 1985


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Richard Crosthwaite teams up with Paul Gavin again to complete the trilogy with Heuer Carrera Chronographs 1963 – 1985, the third in his vintage Heuer series, following Heuer Monaco – Design Classic, and Heuer Autavia Chronographs (1962 – 1985).

As big Carrera fans, we immediately added this to the library. And as with the other books, we see more great photography…all which gets us even more fired up for Phillips’ Fall auction of The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection: Exceptional Heuer Chronographs From The Jack Heuer Era.

This is a book that includes a very brief timeline of Carreras and their history (on 3/4 page), but whose primarily focus is very nice crisp images of the front of each reference, plus one or more images of the dial, movement or case, most often taken at an angle with very shallow depth of field. There isn’t great consistency to images shown for any particular reference, and you may be left craning to see a bit more of a picture, or curious why you just can’t see a side profile of the crown of a 2447. In some cases, like a 2447 yachting dial with amazing copper patina is undeniably unique and beautiful, you’ll be wondering why you can’t see anything other than a single angled small depth-of-field image with about 1/4 of the dial in focus. I can’t figure out why I have to check out a Phillips Press Release: Heuer Sale to see a decent shot of this magical timepiece.

There is some description provided for what to look for in pieces that are “not original to the “birth” of the watch”, but not at the level of Moonwatch Only. Other warnings are limited to “examples in this range should be carefully considered” or “look for signs of originality” without providing additional information. So if you are looking to add a reference book on Heuer Carreras, however, you’ll need more information than is included here. But, if you are looking for an extremely expensive Carrera coffee table book, this one will foot the bill!

Tip of the day: you may find lower pricing if ordered via the blurb.co.uk website versus the US blurb site. And look around for discount codes. We used SHINEON25 to save 25%.

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