Plastic Membrane Shipping Box

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Shipping your watches for servicing, or selling a watch and need some nice packaging to make sure it arrives safe and sound? Or even looking for an inexpensive way to travel with your watch? We recommend polystyrene plastic membrane boxes with micro thin, flexible polyurethane membranes on top and bottom. The plastic membranes form around the enclosed watch, suspending the watch and holding it securely, while allowing the watch to be viewable from above and below.

Most of the boxes you will find are made by INCA SA, which makes our membrane suspension box of choice: a rectangular double hinged box with a single (usually yellow, sometimes clear) clip. These boxes are available in a number of different sizes, though our preferred dimension is 275 x 75 x 12.5mm (300 x 75 x 12.5mm is longer than we need). At 275mm long, the box allows our watch and strap to lay flat, fully extended.

You can, potentially, use a smaller box with outside dimensions of 150 x 75 x 25mm, with usable membrane area of 112mm x 37mm. If you select this size box you’ll need to have one end of the strap folded under the watch to fit, and thus a slightly deeper box is preferred.

I can’t believe we didn’t find these for so long. But once we did, we were hooked.

One note of caution: we use these boxes ONLY for shipping. There are horror stories of people trying to store dials in plastic membrane boxes, which is not a good idea (imagine your dials getting stuck to the plastic membrane). For storing dials, find an alternative that will protect the dial without ANYTHING touching the face, such as Henri Schaller dial containers (available only directly from the manufacturer, with a minimum order of 100 containers).

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