JeanPaul Menicucci Watch Straps

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Looking for beautiful handmade straps? Look to Lucca, Italy and JeanPaul Menicucci (JPM). But beware…with so many options to select from, you may find yourself needing (well, do we really need anything?) more than just one strap.

For those that are scared off by the idea of changing straps, fear not. Pick yourself up a case cushion and spring bar tool, and head on over to YouTube and check out some of the videos on how to change a watch strap. While we don’t work on our watches, we will change the straps, which is an easy way to get a different look for your timepieces (and far less expensive than purchasing another watch).

It is possible to order JeanPaul Menicucci straps directly from the company, particularly if you are looking for something specific, though we find it easier to order through resellers such as Bulang & Sons, HODINKEE, Alessando Ciani and Watch Obsession. Most sell JPM products that are re-branded with their logo or name, though Watch Obsession offers the straps JPM-branded.

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