Moment iPhone Kit with Lens

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Struggling to get good pics with your iPhone (or Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel, OnePlus, etc.) and jealous of those you see online, but don’t want to shell out the big bucks for the highest end lens (aka the Loupe System)? My original attempt(s) involved iPhone macro mode, then an inexpensive lens that would simply clip onto my iPhone case, a bulky lens clip that could handle different types of lens. And in the end, well…decent pictures were maddening to capture.

Enter Moment. They sell a case which features a drop-in mounting system for the lens. And while just over $100 for the full setup might not be the cheapest route to trying to capture macro images, the pictures Moment can provide are exceptional. Pair the case, mount and lens with the relatively inexpensive Moment app, which we recommend for best results, and you have a great setup to capture high-quality images of watches.

The best value is the Moment Starter Kit, which gives the option to purchase with a single lens or multiple. For detailed watch images we recommend starting at least with Moment’s Macro 10x Mobile Lens (M-Series). In addition to the lens(es), the Starter Kits include the case itself, drop-in lens mount (that is what physically sits “in” the case), cleaning pen, lens cover and wrist strap, all for a reasonable price given the level of quality. To get a look at the process to use the case and lens, Moment has a nice video showing how to install case, mount, and then attach the lens .

If you decide not to get the full kit, we recommend the rear lens cover (there is a bag included to carry the lends, but we advise a cover for both front and rear of the lens to be safe). The cleaning pen is a nice-to-have, and the wrist strap we could take or leave.

Moment also offers “universal” mounts that can be used with any mobile device in theory, but for a significantly better experience we recommend the integrated case, drop-in mount and lens, which will yield the highest image quality on phones with larger image sensors.

Support is top-notch from this Moment, and we wholeheartedly recommend them.

No more excuses for poor watch photos!