Nikon Precision Loupe 10x


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Well, hello Nikon! Welcome to the world of loupes!

We have been a big (big) fan of Nikon products of all kinds (cameras, binoculars, golf rangefinders), and now we have their new loupe to enjoy as well. This 10x loupe has a retractable lens, collapsing to 42 x 24 x 16mm, and with a matte plastic body that combined with the lens weighs approximately 15 grams. There is high resolution of 63 lines per mm (which means little to us other than this is a very high level of resolution…you actually won’t often see loupe manufacturers that provide this information) with advanced image distortion correction, a 13mm diameter lens and 25mm focusing distance.

The loupe features a lanyard eyelet that is rotated 90 degrees to the lens to lie flat when around the neck. Now that’s handy…