Patek Philippe Blue Book 1 by Eric Tortella


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Released March 2018 in Dubai, ‘Blue Book 1’ is focused on Patek Philippe wristwatches, including Calatrava references, chronographs, splits, and both early and perpetual calendars. This book is one of a series of Blue (and Green, for Rolex) Books that have been released by Eric Tortella, one of the world’s experts in Patek Philippe.

Since the introduction of Blue Book 1, three additional Blue Books have been released :
Blue Book 2 (May 2019)
Blue Book 3 (November 2019): Patek Philippe 1518
Blue Book 4 (June 2020)

Each is a limited edition of 88, numbered and signed, available to collectors only (the author approves each sale).

The book is 720 pages and costs €1,000. For those that consider this too high a price to pay for a book, consider the cost of making a mistake with a Patek purchase.

Mr.Tortella also offers a number of services for clients, including a subscription to his website (€6,000 annually), watch examinations and advice, as well as courses in Milos.

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