Omega Seamaster Cropped 3-6-9 Dial

Omega Seamaster Cropped 3-6-9

Omega Seamaster Cropped 3-6-9 Dial Introduction
The great thing about this hobby is that it allows my OCD to really shine. In this section, it’s all about the dial. A specific dial seen on Omegas (most often Seamasters), with cropped 3, 6 and 9 numerals. More details on these watches, and others, can be found on the Omega Cropped 3-6-9 movement number project page.

Omega Seamaster 3-6-9 Cropped Dials
Omega Seamaster 3-6-9-Cropped Dials
Omega CK 2451
The CK 2451 was introduced in 1946, and utilized the 27 CHRO C12 T1 and 27 CHRO C12 T2 movement, renamed as the 321. The 27 refers to the diameter of the movement in millimeters, ‘CHRO’ to the fact that it has a chronometer, and C12 to refer to the 12-hour counter. This co-developed project began in 1942. The 321 ended its initial production run in 1968.

Omega provides sparse notes on the CK 2451, only that it has a dial with inside tachymeter scale (though that is not the case for the CK 2451 dials in the Omega Cropped 3-6-9 movement number project), and caliber 321 (though not all are stamped as such, coming from earlier in the 321 lineage). We see two square lume marks at 12. Note we do not see ‘Seamaster’ in the dial. Alpha hands are radium filled (except as noted within the project).

Omega Seamaster CK 14364
The Seamaster CK 14364 was introduced in 1959, and utilized the Caliber 321, the evolution of the 27 CHRO C12 T2. Sparse Omega notes indicate that the CK 14364 was produced with a stainless steel screw-in case, and luminous (radium) dial with hand riveted solid gold hour markers and “index” hands. Water resistance was to 30 meters. As with the 2451s above, we see two square lume marks at 12.

The dial on these CK 14364 is the same as seen on later CK 2451s as above, not surprising given that this followed CK 2451 production.

Omega Cropped 3-6-9 Serial Number Project

Below is an aggregation all of the Omega “Cropped 3-6-9” dial pieces I have located. If you find others, please contact me with a link and/or images and serial number if available.

Movement ranges I have seen for this dial are generally from 151xxxx – 1776xxxx, with one outlier at 10723xxxx. These movement numbers cut across 2451s and 14364s. If you believe the Universal Geneve production dates from Universal Watch Geneve by Pietro Sala, this places the production dates from 1944 (for the 10723xxxx, though the Extract shows this watch as produced in 1950), through 1956.

Information is limited due to a combination of sheer rarity of these dials, and when shown, lack of visible caseback images, and text for reference and serial numbers.

If you see any duplicates, errors, have serial numbers to include, or know of other Omega with this unique dial, please let me know.

Description of pieces are generally based upon public images/video. For some detail, we do not have images and have to rely on text descriptions from the individual posting the timepiece. Some elements are often difficult to determine from pictures, including color of hands, for example if the chrono seconds hand is black or blue, and crown logo, rounded or pointed. If I have a 50-50 guess, I leave the detail as “unknown.”

As with the rest of this Website, the following table, and data contained therein, is subject to Alpha Hands LLC Terms and Conditions

The above table, and data contained therein, is subject to Alpha Hands LLC Terms and Conditions

Details on the above:
CK 2451 174-1
The earliest serial found for a cropped 3-6-9 dial is this example from the Davidoff Brothers (though carries an Extract showing a production date of 1950) with an emblem from the Fuerza Aerea Argentina (FAA) on the caseback. There is discussion around the authenticity of this watch.
Movement number: 10723856
Caliber: 27 CHRO C12

CK 2451-6
Hashtag watch offered this Omega CK 2451-6 with cropped 3-6-9. There is no indication of SWISS MADE at bottom.
Movement number: 15146571
Caliber: 321

CK 2451-8
Aligned with the 14364-1, we see this Omega CK 2451-8 from Bachmann & Scher. No serial number is shown.
Movement number: unknown
Caliber: 321 per text

CK 14364-1
Owned by a Swiss farmer, this Omega Seamaster CK 14364-1 was sold by Eric Wind at Wind Vintage, and is another cropped 3-6-9 dial example with radium.
Serial: 177xxxxx
Caliber: 321 (stamped)

A second cropped 3-6-9 CK 14364-1 sold by Analog-Shift, and then later by Shuck the Oyster
Movement number: 17764007
Caliber: 321 (stamped)

The most recent cropped 3-6-9 CK 14364-1, as seen on Yahoo Japan
Movement number: 17765976
Caliber: 321 (stamped)

Unknown reference and serials
From Theo & Harris we see another Seamaster cropped 3-6-9 dial, with Hippocampus on the caseback. As we can see in the accompanying Theo & Harris video, it needs a service. The team adds in the YouTube comments that the reference number is visible on the caseback, but unfortunately they do not say what it is (nor do they have records from the sale)
Movement number: 17765707 (?)
Reference: unknown
Caliber: 321

Posted by huliofive, this watch closely resembles the others, with the two square plots at 12. My guess is that this is a CK 14364-1, though I have not seen the stamping with the reference on inside caseback.
Caliber: 321 (per text)

Unknown reference and serials, related
Not shown in the image on this page, posted by thekirkland, this watch has a tritium dial (per text), and a single plot at 12. My guess is that this is not a CK 14364, given this difference as well as the different calibrer (861). I have also not seen the stamping with the reference on inside caseback.
Caliber: 861 (per text)

We see some other IG members (@verylongines, @frederick_gva) reference their pieces with similar dials, but I am unable to find images.