Patek Philippe References

Patek Philippe References

Patek Philippe Introduction
Never thought I would spend time delving into Patek Philippe modern references, but it’s funny what a pandemic will do to people. One of the many challenges I’ve had is remembering all of the reference numbers and the associated complications (if any). Searching online I wasn’t been able to find a list of all Patek Philippe wristwatch references, so decided to embark on the assembling a list on my own.

This table isn’t intended to be comprehensive in terms of all features of a given reference, but provide the basics in a way that would be easy to quickly search/filter to learn about what Patek Philippe has manufactured over the years. So apologies that I don’t have more detailed information such as dial colors, dimensions, movement, etc. – I’ll leave that for others to explore.

Read on for a list of Patek Philippe references.
Patek Philippe List of References

In process!!

I have no doubt that I’ll miss a large number, so if you spot any Patek Philippe wristwatch references should be added, please contact me.

For now I’ll add a small table to this sections I get everything working…so please know this is very much a work in process.