Rolex 3525

Rolex 3525

Rolex 3525 Double Signed Examples
Within the set of known steel Rolex 3525, we see a handful of double signed examples. These examples are: ASTRUA (Torino, Italy): 04132 (outlier serial number) MAPPIN (UK): 150773 and one other example with unknown serial DOBBIES LTD (Nairobi): 386301
Rolex 3525 Introduction

I’m not sure why so little community love for the Rolex 3525. Manufactured from 1939 to 1945, the 3525 was the first chronograph within the Rolex ‘Oyster’ case (nicknamed the ‘Monoblocco’ as the case is made from one piece of material only) and features a screw down caseback and crown. A classic rugged Rolex.

The Rolex 3525 utilized the caliber 13 (based on the Valjoux 23 VZ) and was produced in stainless steel, pink and yellow gold, and two-tone versions (steel plus pink or yellow gold). Dials came in several colors, there were differences in text, and we see variation in hand color, design and luminosity.

I’ll be focused here on the stainless steel version, the fiscally prudent purchase at a mere 350 Swiss Francs, a deal versus the gold version at 935 francs.

I have seen estimates as low as 200 pieces for a steel Rolex 3525, though given the number I see in the Alpha Hands case number project, I believe the actual figure is higher.

Rolex 3525 Case Number Project

What follows is an aggregation all of the all-steel (including bezel and crown) Rolex 3525 I have found in steel. If you see any duplicates, errors, have serial numbers to include, or know of other steel Rolex 3525 to add, please let me know.

Serial numbers can be found on the caseback for the earlier pieces, serials 041xxx – 186xxx, and in between the lugs of the watch for serials 386xxx. Production years indicated by sellers for the steel Rolex 3525 included in this research are 1938 – 1956, though some sources limit the dating to 1939-1942 (such as the Sotheby’s catalog from their April 16, 2019 auction in London).

The range above is limited due to few of these pieces available, and with many lacking caseback images, or text, and some without serial number provided.

The watches represented on each row in the table below are not intended to be unique, as I am including all transactions/owners to track any changes to the piece over time. I do my best to use visual cues to pair the same watch posted. When the case number can’t be established, I give the timepiece a unique ID (generally based on any part of the number that is known, plus a related date posted).

Unfortunately, some images may not appear in the table below as the table refers to an image on the corresponding source page. If the image is removed or if the table is not able to process the site, a broken (or no) image will appear. Please use the ‘Source’ button for a specific piece to be routed to the website that provides details and possibly image(s).

Description of pieces are generally based upon public images/video. For some detail, I do not have images and/or have to rely on text descriptions from the individual posting the timepiece. Some elements are often difficult to determine from pictures, including color of hands, for example if the register hands are black or blue. If I have a 50-50 guess, I leave the detail as “unknown.”

As with the rest of this Website, the following table, and data contained therein, is subject to Alpha Hands LLC Terms and Conditions

The above table, and data contained therein, is subject to Alpha Hands LLC Terms and Conditions