How to report a stolen Rolex

To report a stolen Rolex, you’ll want to:

1. Report the information to the Alpha Hands stolen watch registry. Our registry is accessible via search engines online, so if a prospective buyer does their research before purchasing by simply running a serial number search on Google, for example, it will show the result as reported stolen.


a. Contact Rolex USA by completing the Rolex USA Missing Watch Report, including with mandatory police report and/or incident number, as well as any paperwork you may have (original bill of sale and/or warranty) and sending to Rolex USA.

Stolen watch information should be sent to:
Lea Di Luca
Customer Service Division
Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc.
650 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (833)-ROLEX-00 ext. 08162
Fax: (212) 980-2166

Rolex USA will enter the serial number in their missing watch database, which is available to their four Service Facilities in the United States. Non-Rolex service facilities do not have access to the database.

Rolex centers outside of the United States can see the Rolex as stolen within Rolex USA’s database, but will NOT take action (per Rolex USA). See 2b below on additional details.

If a Rolex is sent into a Rolex USA service center, the watch is “retained” by Rolex until the matter is resolved. Rolex USA lawyers will contact both parties, and Rolex USA notes that generally they are able to come to some agreement. If it can’t be resolved between the parties, which is rare, the matter then goes to the courts to be resolved.

b. To assist with recovery outside the United States, Rolex USA advises that the owner of the piece contact the appropriate local Rolex center to report the watch as stolen, as different region have different laws concerning stolen pieces.

It is possible, though I am not certain, that all of Europe is connected, so reporting to one center (such as Geneva) will cover all of Europe. Please contact us if you learn more details of the process in Europe, Asia or elsewhere.