Minute Repeater Wristwatches


Vintage Repeater Introduction

Below and within this section I am starting to create a listing of all vintage minute repeater wristwatches that were produced (that I have found…). It is not comprehensive yet – very much a work in process, and please let me know if you have others I should add.

To kick this off, I want to share the one repeater to rule them all, the piece unique astronomical calendar Patek Philippe Reference 541. This watch is owned by and on display at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva – image below from Collectability via the Patek Philippe Museum.

Patek Philippe Ref. 541
Patek Philippe 541

Due to the rarity of vintage repeaters, I have decided to create this listing of all known vintage models/references, which is different than other Alpha Hands projects. Detail on specific pieces traded or seen are included in the vintage minute repeater serial number project.

An enjoyable read listen from Revolution Watch is this discussion with Thierry Stern on the sound of minute repeaters, in particular related to case material. The video includes modern watches, but still very enlightening.

A list of vintage repeaters (where the movement was created for use as a wristwatch):

Audemars Piguet:
John Schaffer
1924 – Platinum, piece unique for Gübelin
1929 – Platinum, signed Cartier
1937 – Gold
1960 – Platinum, piece unique

Movement not intended for a wristwatch:
Ref. 5528

Patek Philippe (pre-1982):
1924 – Movement 10″
1925 – Movement 12″
1926 – Movement 12″
1927 – Movement 12″
1928 – Movement 11″
1928 – Movement 11″
1939 – Movement 11″
Ref. 541 (coverage at Collectability here); first cased in 1930, subsequently in 1939
Ref. 2419 (with coverage here)
Ref. 2421
Ref. 2524
Ref. 2524/1 (1954)
Ref. 2525/1
Ref. 2524/1 (1957)
Ref. 2419
Ref. 2524/2
Ref. 2534

Vacheron Constantin
Ref. 4261: in Gold and Platinum (from 1942, 36 pieces) [1]
Ref. 4293

[1] Christie’s lot notes, 17 October 2017

Listen to Vintage Repeater Chimes

The below is an aggregation of all vintage minute repeating wristwatch audio I have been able to locate.

The audio qualities vary widely due to:
– lack of controlled environment, often you will hear movement and/or voices in the audio file
– range of volumes, which I have tried to increase as possible, though I chose not to increase to the point of introducing clipping into the track

If you know of any others, even videos from which audio can be extracted, please let me know. These are challenging to track down due to their rarity.

Vintage Repeater Serial Number Project

This list is in process and will be limited to vintage minute repeater wristwatches only.
Stay tuned!