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On occasion I will have vintage watches for sale.

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Breitling Duograph Split Second
This is a wonderful example of a Breitling 762. With a stainless steel case from 1945, the watch features not only ‘Duograph’ on the dial but also an applied ‘B’, indicating that that final assembly of the watch was likely between 1948 and 1952 (per the one and only WatchFred). It’s all original and untouched, with the Venus 179 movement and PAT integrated crown and 45 minute register. These Breitling watches are incredibly rare…and a great opportunity to own an untouched steel vintage split-seconds watch. Sadly, you will find a lot of Duograph fakes given the increase in value of these timepieces, so if you pass on this particular piece please at least review the Alpha Hands Breitling Duograph research for a catalog of known examples and details of what to consider. The watch was previously sold at Christie’s in June 2016 (Lot 5) for $20,000 all-in. Price: $28,000 USD SOLD
Manufacture: Breitling
Model: Duograph
Reference: 762
Year: est 1948-1952 assembled
Case number: 609’xxx
Material: Stainless steel
Caliber: Venus 179
Case: 35.5mm
Box/Papers: No
Heuer 2447D

I purchased this Heuer 2447D in 2017 through a seller in Australia who acquired the watch from the family of the original owner. The watch is in exceptional condition and unpolished. All lume plots full with exception of at 3 o’clock (common), with matching hands. Serviced by Chronodeco in 2017. It’s a beautiful watch and easy to wear.

This piece has the first-execution dial as shown with index marks and non-bevelled (“cropped 50”) metallic starbust dial.

These Carreras generally are found with polished cases, greatly changing their appearance.

Price: $9,900 USD SOLD

Manufacture: Heuer

Model: Carrera

Reference: 2447D

Year: est 1968

Case number: 78xxx (between lugs)

Material: Stainless steel

Caliber: Valjoux 72

Case: 36mm

Lug width: 18mm

Box/Papers: No

IWC Cal 852

I purchased this watch from a dealer in 2018. This watch is an incredibly crisp and original example of the IWC Cal 852 (belonging to the Cal. 85 series developed by Albert Pellaton at IWC). Service history is unknown, but the watch is keeping time and all functions correctly, so I decided against what I believe would be an unneeded service.

I’ve tried to picture the case clearly below so you can see how crisp it is.

Price: $4,300 USD SOLD
Manufacture: International Watch Co. (IWC)
Year: est 1957
Movement number: 1414xxx
Case number: 1452xxx
Material: Stainless steel
Caliber: 852
Case: 35.5mm
Lug width: 20mm
Inside caseback: 8024 / 242T
Box/Papers: No

Mathey-Tissot 3-register “Type XX”

This Mathey-Tissot rare 3-register “Type XX” comes from the original owner of the watch prior to my purchase. While many of these Type XXs have significant loss of lume in the hands and/or heavy discoloration of the dial lume, this example doesn’t exhibit either of those traits. This watch remains a well-cared-for watch with a clean dial and light wear to the case, as remains unpolished. The case number (234xxx) of this Mathey-Tissot falls midway through the series of 14xx, 50xx, 234xxx, 249xxx, and 279xxx.

The flyback chronograph features a 30-minute register, though the design is generally used for 15 minute registers (the watch has luminous index marks on every 3rd mark, and no numerals on the register). Mathey-Tissot manufactured this watch both for Breguet (pieces are *far* more common) and Girard-Perregaux.

The watch was last serviced in March 2019 and previously sold at Christie’s in June 2018 (Lot 3) for $17,500.

Price: $25,000 USD SOLD

Manufacture: Mathey-Tissot

Model: 3-register “Type XX”

Year: est 1960

Case number: 234xxx

Material: Stainless steel

Caliber: Valjoux 225

Case: 38mm

Box/Papers: No

Wittnauer 242T

I have owned this exceptional Wittnauer 242T since 2017, purchased from a collector in the midwest. Service history was unknown prior to purchase, so I had it serviced in December 2017.

This watch is unpolished, all original parts, lume plots full and match the hands, all original. Flawless dial. With most 242Ts you will see heavily cracked lume (most common is cracking in the chrono hand lollipop, and then at the edges along with discoloration for the main hands), if original lume at all. As a tool watch, you will also find them heavily polished, with discoloration on the dial/dial plots.

One of the best Wittnauer 242Ts you will find.

Price: $9,900 USD SOLD
Manufacture: Wittnauer
Reference: 242T
Year: 1960s
Material: Stainless steel
Caliber: Valjoux 72
Case: 38.5mm
Lug width: 20mm
Inside caseback: 8024 / 242T
Box/Papers: No