Universal Geneve “Nina Rindt” Bezel

The Universal Geneve 885103/02 came with only a tachymetre bezel, per Universal Geneve. [1] I see a handful of 885103/02 with pulsations bezel publicly, however.

Tachymetre bezel
The tachymetre bezel is the most common, and can be found across all serial ranges. It is graduated from 60 to 500 units.

The Universal Geneve 885105/02 came with only a pulsations bezel, per Universal Geneve. [1] I only see one 885105/02 with tachymetre bezel.

Pulsations bezel
The pulsations bezel is based on a 30 pulsations scale, and appears exclusively on pieces with serials at 2.5m and later.

I have seen one example of a Nina with pulsations dial and noted as reference 885105/03, though the stamping on the caseback to confirm that is the reference number cannot be seen. Given I have never seen another Nina example using this reference number, I’m inclined to believe this reference should have been listed as 885105/02.

There is discussion online that purports when a Nina dial was fitted with the pulsations bezel in the factory, it is reference 885108. However, no image is shown in this discussion, and I have never seen an image of a Nina with pulsations bezel and this serial number. Per Universal Geneve, “the reference Compax UG 885108 has a dark and light blue dial with three small white counters” and “has been produced only with a tachymeter blue bezel with a scale based on 1000.” [2]

UG Nina Bezel
The standard Tachymetre bezel, and less common Pulsations

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[2] Universal Geneve, email May 5, 2020