Universal Geneve “Nina Rindt” Crown

There are two crown designs original to the Universal Geneve 885103/02 Nina.

UG Nina Crowns
The crowns commonly found on the Universal Geneve 885103/02

The early version looks like a “shield”, with pointed bottom, and U within the shield. This version appears up to a 2.5m serial.

In the second design the “U” stands on its own. This version appears from 2.4m and later, and does have some crossover with the shield crown during the point of transition (2.4-2.5m). There may have been an extended period of transition to these crowns, or perhaps some of the 2.4m pieces have had their crowns replaced with this later crown design. Universal Geneve deferred on providing information on the date of the shift from shield to U-only logo [1].

I have seen also seen discussion around the “fat” Universal logo. This logo is also referenced on Omegaforums via Universal Watch Geneve by Pietro Sala, as in the period for the Nina (1960s), in between the shield and U-only logos. However, I believe this is not correct, and rather the design is a later logo (not the 1960 period shown), and is not original to the Universal Geneve 885103/02. As an example, we see the U-only logo on the early Golden and White Shadows with serial numbers in the 2.6-2.9m serial range (examples such as 2.6 and 2.97m). We then see the “fat” logo on pieces with serials in the later 3.0-3.5m serial range.

Of course, we also see replacement crowns with no logo. These are not original to the 885103/02.

[1] Per Universal Geneve (email April 17, 2020), these documents are confidential.