Vacheron Constantin 4072 Hands

With so few Vacheron 4072 seen, I have not been able to discern any pattern of when particular hand shapes are used, either how they are paired, with various dial designs, or across case numbers/manufacturing periods.

Hour and minute hands on the Vacheron 4072 range in design and material:
– Blued steel sword (subtle sword shape)
– White gold pencil
– Blued steel leaf
– Pink gold pencil
I do not see any link between the hands of a watch, and the case number or dial for the steel Vacheron 4072.

Vacheron Constantin 4072 Main Hands

The chronograph hand appears always to be a blued steel, with main shapes:
– Pencil with slight taper (wider at tail)
– Stick will ball on tail
For the few pieces seen, we also see different length chronograph hands, specifically the tail end, across both styles. As with the main hands, I see no relationship to the case number or dial. In addition, there is no obvious correlation within the steel 4072 of chronograph hand pairing with main hands.

Chronograph Hands

Register hands, as with the main chronograph hand, appear to all be blued steel.
Running second register hand shapes vary, seen with:
– Stick with tail
– Stick with ball on tail (one of the two pieces seen with this running second hand was paired with the main chronograph hand of same design)
– Leaf

Vacheron Constantin 4072 Running Seconds Hands

The minute counter hand appears nearly always to be a leaf design, with one exception of a stick hand with tail. As the stick hand is the outlier in the group, I would want to see additional examples or learn more about this piece specifically before conclusively saying it is original to the watch.

Vacheron 4072 Minute Register Hands: Commonly Seen at Left, Outlier at Right