Zenith A386 Crown

You will generally find one of three crowns on the Zenith A386.

The “large circle” crown design has Zenith star surrounded by a large circle close to the edge of the crown. This crown is an original crown available on Zenith A386s until 1972.

There is also the “small circle” crown, with a smaller Zenith star surrounded by a correspondingly smaller circle, set off from the edge of the crown. When we see this crown, it is virtually always on Mark 3 cases, though the “large circle” crown continued to be used during this period. I believe this crown can be original to all three production batches of Mark 3 cases, and was used as a service crown for Mark 1 and Mark 2.

The third crown commonly seen is the “inverted star”, a logo Zenith introduced in 1973. This square logo did not overlap with production of the Zenith A386, so these crowns are not original to the watch.

All other crowns you see on the Zenith A386 are not original. That includes the 5-pointed star (with top of crown flat), which was introduced in 2000, and unsigned crowns (those with no logo).

Four commonly seen crowns on the Zenith A386