A Course in Wristwatch Repair: The Gruen Horological Text and Technical Bulletins


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Mike Barnett and a community of Gruen enthusiasts have worked to bring this assembly of reference documents into one combined source. While the focus is on Gruens, this book can be leveraged to better understand other manufacturers, and the techniques shown on cleaning, repairing, as well as more advanced topics, can be applied to all makes.

The Gruen School of Watchmaking released the Gruen Horological Text in 1948. This updated version, first released in 2009, now includes eight additional technical bulletins. Readable for beginners, unlike many of the other texts that are available, providing a step-by-step style of, not surprisingly, a school text (though to us, this is far more enjoyable than what we read in school), as it is what was used by Gruen’s school on their campus. While the topics all ring true with what would be covered today, some techniques are not current, and others will provide helpful guidance in working with vintage pieces.

It does, of course, have exceptional detail on Gruens, coming from the original Gruen publications and supplemented by third parties. All known models, both wristwatch and pocketwatch, of Gruen are represented. A Course in Wristwatch Repair includes all nine books originally made by Gruen, and there was no paring of text as to what is included.

Those interested in a Gruen identification guide should check out Barnett’s Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide Volume 1 and Volume 2