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We would categorize Bulang & Sons as one of the “Lifestyle” websites, that offers both watches and related goods, and has branched out into other goods such as pens, knives, scarves, and even a magazine.

Bulang & Sons often has fabulous vintage watches for sale, but if your timepiece simply needs a pick-me-up, we highly recommend you take a look at their watch strap collection. Bulang & Sons isn’t a manufacturer of watch straps (nor any other of the goods they sell), but rather brands these straps, handmade for them in Italy from French calfskin hide. JeanPaul Menicucci may be one of their source…a good thing. Prices are a bit higher than other manufacturers of handmade watch straps, ranging from $125-185 USD. Quality is overall very good. We have had only one issue, involving the stitching, and they were willing to replace it with no questions asked, though we were out the shipping cost back to the Netherlands.

We have purchased straps for a number of our vintage watches from Bulang & Sons in the past, even though the travel time from the Netherlands is a bit longer than if we ordered within the United States, and undoubtedly will do so again. They are one of the best in terms of breadth and availability of their straps. We have stuck to the leather, but they also offer canvas, suede and nylon nato straps. Square or tapered cut, one or two-piece straps…if you prefer the classic leather strap, you’ll likely find one you like at Bulang & Sons.

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