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Camille Fournet is one of the oldest manufactures on our site, a purveyor of fine small leather goods, since 1945. These goods are handmade in France, and in addition to straps they offer bags, clutches, belts and gloves.

They are the highest-priced of the watch strap providers we list on Alpha Hands, with their “classic” strap offerings ranging in price from $140 from grained calfskin to a base price of $330 for alligator leather. Dependent upon the type of material, straps are available in a wide range of colors, lengths of 115/75mm and 105/70mm, lug (generally slightly limited lug width (17-20mm, though does drop to 15mm for some) and buckle width (14-18mm). Two different buckle types are offered for standard straps. As you walk through the different options, once you select the material, the number of options available for that material will drop. And in some cases you may be surprised by the limited number of options, say for a smooth tan calfskin.

Having said that…
Camille Fournet offers a very strong variety of options to customize your strap, and includes an excellent visual representation online to look at the strap as you design it. This includes the ability to change example case shapes, and rotate the strap in 3D. And impressively, the render will even change even with selected items such as lug width, lengths, and clasp! A+.

All of this customization does, however, come at a price. Any customization results in starting your strap at 340 Euros (approximately $370 USD) and increasing from there. But you receive a tremendous number of options: materials, length, lug widths, buckle options, texture/color (both for the exterior as well as lining), edges in a variety of colors for waxed along with the option to use a folded edge, lug shape/system, stitching (machine or by hand), lug and buckle sticking, tip shape, profile, keepers, holes and buckle/clasp. And again, all of the selections will update the render, which is fantastic.

I’ve use the same strap customization in the main image (yes crazy colors, but hopefully helps to see the options available), and below is the rotated version of the same strap.

Camille Fournet,
Customization Clasp View

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