Chronograph Wristwatches


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To say author Paul White collects chronographs doesn’t truly capture the result of his efforts. His collection of over 600 pieces, shown in this three-volume set in both English and Italian, spans a diverse range of brands, including all the best-known, to those for which you may not have background. Wristwatch technical details, history and images accompany each item in his collection. Chronographs included are from a variety of typologies, including single button, two button/two sub dial, three sub dial, split seconds, those with date, astronomic and military.

Throw in prefaces for the volumes by Davide Parmegiani (Vol I), Aurel Bacs (Vol II) and Osvaldo Patrizzi (Vol III), and you get a sense for the breadth and quality of the collection Paul White amassed.

The set has 962 pages, and weighs 9 pounds. For chronograph fans like us, Chronograph Wristwatches makes a great addition to our library.