Heuer Monaco – Design Classic


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Collector Richard Crosthwaite shares his passion with this 120 page book, Heuer Monaco – Design Classic, featuring high-resolution images of all 15 known production and test dial executions for the vintage Heuer Monaco (1969-1975). Whether it qualifies as a “Design Classic”…we will leave that to others to debate. At the least, it is avant-garde!

The book tells the story of the inception of the Monaco, to how the watch is perhaps best known – in Le Mans with Steve McQueen (1133B), and the start of the world’s first automatic chronographs (er, at least the first modular automatic chronographs, the Chronomatics.

One of the benefits of print-on-demand books is the ability to (relatively) easily update material ,and the latest version includes minor updates to data for 2017.

English, 120 pages, 8×10 inches.

The full list includes:
1133B Chronomatic, 1133B Transitional – Blue, 1133B Transitional – Cream, 1133B Std Production, 1133G – Grey subs, 1133G – Black subs, 73633B, 73633G – Grey subs, 73633G – Black subs, 1533B – White sub, 1533B – Grey sub, 1533, 74033B, 74033G, and 74033N PVD.

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