iGaging Digital Electronic Caliper


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Is this caliper overkill? A bit…but it certainly is well made!

The iGaging Absolute Origin Digital Electronic Caliper is certainly the only one you’ll need. We opt for the smallest size, up to 4″, and pass on the models with USB cable or depth gauge (ignore the models with “groove inside” or “groove outside”, which won’t be of use when measuring watches). Extremely accurate, with an easy-to-read screen, you never have to worry about resetting to zero, and the quality finish and smooth slider make it a breeze to use. It is even water and dust resistant, not that those things are anywhere near our watches! The resolution is to 0.01mm and accuracy to 0.02mm, which will let us measure not just the lug width, but basically anything we’ll ever build/screw/drill.

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