Practical Watch Repairing


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Donald de Carle’s Practical Watch Repairing, published in 1946 (well, in the Horological Journal as a serial from 1943-1945, but who is keeping track?) and now in its third edition, packs a whopping 553 black-and-white illustrations to guide the reader though the process of watch repairing. And readers of this book, the best illustrated on watch repair, benefit from the need for less introductory knowledge than most books, covering all the basics, but still covering necessary detail. And unlike some watch repair books, the illustrations are quite clear and detailed.

The very clear, step-by-step instructions have made this book a cornerstone for watch repair libraries, and we put this on the list of must-haves for the novice getting started. We recommend de Carle’s book at a good first step before moving into some of the other books such as those my George Daniels. Though the title does refer to “Practical” watch repair, however, the book does go deeper than just the basics you may need. But then again, you might just get an itch to start using a lathe!

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