Watchmaking by George Daniels


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Written by George Daniels, one of the few people ever to make every component of the watch himself, Watchmaking is the first complete textbook on the subject and the best single source of information. From making your own tools to testing watch accuracy, this book covers it all, and is the one reference book if you are going to be building your own watch (and even if you’re nowhere at that point, you’ll have to be darn advanced to take advantage of much of what Daniels presents).

Though daunting in its detail, Daniels’ goal is to inspire and encourage the art of watchmaking, and this comes through in his presentation of the material in a digestible manner, with each step in the process with clear line drawings and brief explanations. To be clear, this is not an introductory book on watch repair, a different subject, but rather a book intended for use by those who already have a working knowledge of watch repair and servicing.

Interesting also to see in Watchmaking is Daniels’ workspace, along with a number of his own timepieces.

The book is 462 pages, and includes both illustrations and photographs.

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