Universal Geneve “Eric Clapton” Box and Papers

Few Universal Geneve 881101/01 are shown with box, and fewer still with any original papers.

Most boxes (and guarantees) found with the Universal Geneve 881101/01 have Universal Geneve logo from a later period than the production of the 881101/01. It is possible these boxes were provided at the time of first sale if the watch was not purchased for a period after initial production, but given how often boxes (and papers) are bought and sold by collectors, I would assume they are not original to the watch. I do believe that boxes were selected based on whatever inventory was at the retailer at time of sale, rather than paired with a specific watch.

There are two watches that have been found that have boxes I believe to be original to the watch. Box designs:

1. Rectangular red box with rounded edges, a cream-colored interior lid with red print for U in a square logo and ‘UNIVERSAL GENEVE’. ‘UNIVERSAL’ appears in gold text on the lid of the box.

2. The more common that we see on other Universal Geneve’s of the period, which is a flat, square design. This box is red on the hinged lid with U within a square logo in gold, black for the bottom half of the box with ‘UNIVERSAL GENEVE’ in gold print. The interior lid is cream-colored with logo featuring the U within a square in gold, and ‘UNIVERSAL GENVEVE’ and ‘le couturier de la montre’ text in red.

We also see a box style, in red with a gold square logo with U. I am more skeptical that this was included with the Universal Geneve 881101/01, so am withholding any more comment as yet.

UG Clapton Boxes
Boxes used for the Universal Geneve 881101/01

Not surprisingly, we see exceedingly few examples of Universal Geneve 881101/01s with what we believe to be the correct papers.

This for a watch with apparently original strap, buckle, and presentation box as well, we find a guarantee, and also tie-tags.
[image to come]

The second item, only the Guarantee, we do not have an image of, but rather only interior with some blue header text on white paper.