Universal Geneve “Eric Clapton” Brochures and Advertisements

While I am sure there are a number of brochures and ads for the Universal Geneve Clapton 881101/01, to date I have seen a couple (thanks to @Mazoue and @CajunTiger on Omega Forums). If you have others, please contact me.

Front page of brochure:

UG Clapon German Brochure Cover
Cover pages of the German brochure for the Universal Geneve 881101/01

This brochure translates roughly into the below (those who are better German-English speakers than I am, please let me know where I’m going wrong…I’m sure I am butchering the translation!):

The most common applications of Compax chronographs

Universal-Geneve produces various luxury chronographs based on the “Compax”, which, depending on their specific functions, realize the full range of checks and calculations: speed, distances, athletic events, rallies, parking times, duration of filming, radio broadcasts, industrial times, human or machine performance, departure or landing maneuvers, etc.

Like the COMPAX, it measures short-term operations accurate from 1/5th of a second up to a total of 12 hours.

Living with the «Chrono»!

The “normal” clock has, in the age of rockets, lost interest among the lovers of precision instruments.

The “Chrono” is significantly more than a clock: it is an active clock that performs calculations and answers questions. The chronograph is a fascinating and elegant instrument. For you individually, it registers every time period during each activity.

Universal has designed an unrivaled range of chronographs. Only the most famous among them are listed here. Your watch shop will show you the model that suits your personal needs. Because there are no limits to the complexity of possible operations! Just as there are no limits to the simplicity of the operations, some basic exercises are enough for you to learn all calculations and necessary controls related to your profession, studies or pleasure!

Interior [excluding Space-Compax and Aero-Compax text]:

UG Clapon German Brochure Interior
Interior of the German brochure for the Universal Geneve 881101/01

The most important functions of the chronograph

By depressing the pusher (A), the large center second hand is set in motion. Depressing it again brings it to a standstill. Once again puts it back in motion from the point where it was stopped.

Revolutions of the dial (1 revolution = 1 minute) are added on the small dial (right) up to a maximum of 30 (or 45) minutes. Periods of 30 (or 45) minutes are in turn added on the (lower) dial for a total of 12 hours.

After checking the time, as soon as the large center second hand stops, all is required is to press the pusher (B) to reset the hands of all counters to zero.

Using the pusher (A), the large center second hand can be set in motion, brought to a standstill, and set in motion again as needed; this will allow the user to stop his observations for a while and resume them without having to reset the different payers to zero.


The COMPAX is a basic chronograph equipped with a tachometer, i.e. a scale that allows you to measure the speed of a vehicle.

Due to the draw of the chronograph and the stopping of this second hand a kilometer – or one mile – further, the speed per hour, measured in basic units, can be read on the ring.

For example, the COMPAX allows you to check the accuracy of the speedometer of your vehicle.

In practice, the COMPAX provides the greatest and most useful value from speeds between 60 and 500 km/h.


The TRI-COMPAX is a calendar chronograph equipped with a speedometer.
It works like the COMPAX.

The calendar consists of the date hand and the windows for displaying the days of the week, the months and the phases of the moon.

Of course, this calendar works automatically. You only have to change the months yourself by hand and set the date hand five times a year (in the months with less than 31 days).

When the clock has stopped and it has to be brought “a jour” again, it suffices to turn the hour and minute hands off past midnight so that the following day of the week appears. Each new change can be achieved by repositioning the hands for four hours and then spinning them again until past midnight.

(A detailed instruction manual will be given with each watch.)

There is also one other catalog seen with the Universal Geneve 881101/01. I am not sure of the year of print, nor if the dollars shown are USD.

Universal Geneve Clapton Catalog Page
English catalog page showing the Universal Geneve 881101/01

I have not found any advertisements for the Universal Geneve 881101/01, though I am sure they are around. Please contact me if you have any, or know of links which display them.